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Did You Know...

After the Target breach, credit unions were left on the hook for $30.6 million and credit unions reissued 4.6 million credit and debit cards.

Learn more about data breaches here.

Learn more about data breaches here.

Because we are not-for-profit cooperatives owned by our members, you ultimately foot the bill.

After you've been victimized by having your financial data stolen, you shouldn't have to pick up the tab to clean up the mess.

Right now, merchants can shift most of the costs of their data breaches to others. So, there is no incentive for them to spend the time and money to increase their data security. That's wrong for consumers and it's bad for our economy.

Join Chattanooga First Federal Credit Union and Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in telling congress to help STOP THE DATA BREACHES!

The link below will help you to send your congress member a direct message.